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Our History

Norak Steel Construction Ltd. was established in 1964 by Mr. Frank Ober, and is succeeded by his son; Mr. Peter Ober – the current President and Owner.

In December of 1964, Frank Ober founded Norak Steel Construction Ltd. He identified the opportunity to establish a new business in the Canadian construction industry – specifically in the fabrication of structural steel. He had immigrated to Canada a number of years prior, and started from very little. He had a strong drive to be successful however, and had a will that persevered. Through a series of small businesses that were grown and sold in succession, he had amassed enough seed money to actualize his vision – Norak Steel was born. At inception the business consisted of a small fabrication shop of 10,000 square feet and a modest office; situated in Concord, Ontario. Frank Ober was known as a man of his word, both in life and in the industry, who did business with the simplicity and respect of a handshake. His word was his bond, and this was immediately reflected in the way Norak Steel conducted business. His ideals, integrity, and straightforward demeanor formed the foundation upon which Norak stands today. This has never been forgotten, and is evident in the way Norak Steel does business to this very day. For over 50 years, these values have governed how we work, what we stand for, and what we produce. The result is a commitment to excellence; through the professionalism of the services we offer, and the exceptional steel that we fabricate.

Mr. Peter Ober, Norak's current President and Owner has taken the company from its humble beginnings, built upon our founding values, and established Norak as one of the current leaders in our industry. He has been a part of the business every step of the way, with well over 45 years of service at Norak Steel. Peter started from the ground up, learning every aspect of the fabrication process from a very young age. In the days before shot-blast machines, steel had to be cleaned manually; by means of manual hand-held wire brushes. It was hard physical labour, and that was Peter’s initial introduction to the process of fabricating structural steel. This was his foundation: it fostered a fierce tenacity to increase his working knowledge, and paved the way towards his ultimate success. He progressed quickly, learning each stage as he grew: Material Handling, Cutting and Drilling Steel, Detailing, Fitting (or assembly), Welding, Painting, Loading/Shipping, and ultimately driving the finished steel to site. After attaining a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Queen's University, he ventured into the office to learn the business side of our operations. Similar to his achievements in the shop, he grew to learn all aspects of the requisite roles in the office environment. Starting as an estimator, he further gained experience in the positions of a Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Plant Manager, and General Manager. Wisdom draws from experience, and this has helped to guide and shape Peter into the leader that he is today. This process reflected well on Norak Steel, as it transitioned in accord with his development; forging the path to success in this challenging industry.

Since becoming the President of Norak Steel, Peter has refined the operations in the office, and transformed the shop into an impressive 39,000 square foot facility. The shop is fully equipped with top of the line machinery running CNC software, highly-skilled tradesmen using exceptional tools and equipment, and is entirely honed for optimal efficiency – via our bilinear fabrication process. The office area now sits at 10,000 square feet, an area equal to what the entire shop once was. Through extensive connections, Peter has established the power to buy directly from Steel Mills – a capability that is not common amongst our competitors. This affords the aggressive pricing model that Norak presents to our clients, both present and future. All of this combined with our knowledgeable and proficient staff forms the ‘Norak Advantage’ that we consistently present to our customers. Our brand represents a history of dedicated client care, diligently proven results, and a name trusted for well over 50 years. The Norak name is synonymous with excellent results, and it continues to earn the confidence and trust of each of our valued clients. We have a proven track record of delivering projects as promised, while upholding scheduling requirements and staying on budget. Our clients’ complete satisfaction is paramount, and we are dedicated to this by providing outstanding results. In an ever-changing industry, Norak’s technologies and construction practices evolve accordingly, but we never lose sight of where we came from: humble beginnings with the founding principles of honesty and integrity. We have stayed true to this; practice what we were taught, and continue to do business with a handshake – our word is our bond. Frank Ober taught us well, and Norak Steel continues to function in his spirit. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that we deliver on our promises, with a President that continues to stand behind it all. Thank you to every one of our customers, you have helped to develop who and what we are today.

Historical Awards

History of Strength

Mr. Frank Ober passed away in February of 2010 and was awarded the History of Strength Award by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) in recognition of his invaluable contributions to the Steel Industry. He is lovingly remembered by his family, friends and past employees.

To view images of the History of Strength award, please visit the Norak page on Awards, Affiliations and Community Involvement page.


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