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When most people think of steel they picture industrial refineries melting down hot scrap metal, and they instantly categorize it in their minds as dirty. It can be a costly misconception to have if you are designing a building, not to mention that recycled steel lasts a lifetime. It is one of the strongest materials known to man, and when designed properly it can withstand many elements that other materials cannot.

When the Mill uses an Electric Arc Furnace to melt down used metals, the recycled content can range from 80% to 95%. There are two types of recycled materials involved with the recycling of steel:

Post-Consumer Recycled Content - such as scrap metal from cars and other products that have been used by the consumer.

Pre-Consumer Recycled Content - material that is recycled before it has been used by the consumer, and is something Norak plays a first-hand role in. We recycle any scrap and drops of steel that cannot be used for the post-consumer and send them back to the Mill to be melted down into more material.

Research suggests that although concrete is a solid, workable material, when earthquakes occur it is increasingly dangerous for people trapped within, and more costly and environmentally polluting to clean up. Furthermore, it cannot be recycled in the same manner that structural steel can with up to 95% recycled parts.

The same arguments have been made for the cost of cutting down living trees, and the time it takes to replant forests and have proper re-growth. Again, wood's living and recycled life cannot possibly be compared to the time it takes to recycle steel.

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