Established in 1964 by founder Mr. Frank Ober, today, Frank's son Peter continues his father's commitment to excellence in Steel Fabrication.

Mission & Vision

Norak Steel is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products to meet the industry’s stringent demands and consistently satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers with timely service and delivery

The Norak Steel Advantage

Experience. Strength. Agility. Just some of the reasons our clients large and small, choose Norak Steel for their Steel fabrication projects.


We recognize our part and our responsibility in minimizing our impact on the environment for preservation of natural resources for future generations.


We take pride in our 39,000 square foot facility. The cleanliness and organization of the shop floor is maintained with efficiency in mind - everything and everyone has its place.


Over 25 gifted and dedicated tradesmen make up our highly skilled team of steel fabrication experts - the best in the business.

Health and Safety

Keeping our employees safe in the workplace is top priority. Norak is both ISO and CWB accredited and maintains a strict safety policy.


We're excited to work on projects that showcase our abilities in complex structural steel, truss fabrication and architecturally exposed structural steel.

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