Health and Safety

The health, safety and well-being of our employees are at the forefront of Norak Steel's priorities. We pride ourselves on low incidents of work-related accidents, and being a member of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). We also have routine WSIB safety refresher courses as well as CPR/First Aid training for many of our employees. Being a part of these organizations provides us with useful tools, preventative methods and rules to ensure our employees are safe when they work. 


Safety Policy

Norak Steel Construction Limited is a fabricator of structural steel.

It is the policy of Norak Steel Construction Limited to provide this product for our customers without creating unacceptable risks for anyone concerned.

In order to carry out this policy of promoting safety and preventing accidents, i.e. - personal injury or property damage, the Company:

  • Accepts the principle that the causes of accidents can be controlled.
  • Believes that the occurrence of personal injuries can be further reduced.
  • Recognizes that accidents prevention must and will continue to be an integral part of our business operation.
  • Believes that efficient management must strive to achieve "Safe Operations".
  • Will comply with the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and use it as the minimum compliance.
  • Will see that reasonable precaution is taken for the protection of the workers.
  • Will keep and make available to authorized persons, statistics relative to personal injuries & lost time.
  • Will continue to work closely with the Safety Committee and afford assistance and co-operation with the Health and Safety Representative.
  • Will continue to promote and make available appropriate safety training.
  • Will recognize that safety is a KEY element in all supervisory performance.

Every employee of Norak Steel Construction Limited is encouraged and expected to abide and adhere to the spirit and intent of this policy.


Peter Ober, President

Norak Steel Construction Ltd.

January 6, 2020