At Norak Steel, our team will work with you from Greenfield site, right through to completed structure to ensure your needs are met.

Design-Build: Professional Engineers At Your Service

From sound ideas come sound structures. That is why at Norak, your project will go through the hands of our experienced and professional team of engineers. They will provide the structural design for your building, drawn to your desired specifications and even have the plans ready for your local permit office. Whatever the project, our engineers will work to satisfy all of your Design-Build needs.

Fabricate: Technology Driving Efficiency

Providing accurately fabricated sections is key to completing every steel project on time and under budget. At Norak, we have taken that notion to heart by equipping our 39,000 square foot fabrication plant with some of the most sophisticated CNC machinery; providing cuts, bores and assembly faster and more accurately than ever before.

However, no piece of technology can run without the trained, experienced personnel managing its every move. With countless years of experience on our plant floor, you can rest assured your project will be handled by the most capable of hands from raw steel right through to finished product.

Erect: On-Site Professionals

From transporting every section to the site with our own fleet of trucks, to working with some of the most reputable erectors in the industry, Norak will manage every ounce of steel erected for your structure. For more information on Norak Services, or how Norak can assist with your next construction project please feel free to Contact Us.

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