When we have visitors tour our shop, they often comment on our machinery as well as the cleanliness and organization of the whole floor. This is our way of sending the message that we take pride in our business. Mr. Frank Ober always said, “Everything has a place. Everything in its place”, and this is how we organize our shop.

Norak Steel's machines are state of the art and work on CNC software. Our up to date CNC machinery – our PythonX, Drill Angle, Saw, Brake Press, Plate Process and Plate Duplication - are all connected to the database in our shop. Our draftsmen use the CNC software to design the exact pieces required, which in turn tells the machines how to cut them. They send us detailed drawings (.dxf files) that we review and download to the machines, which, along with the machine's operator, process the parts. This saves time and eliminates costly mistakes.

Our shop is designed with efficiency in mind ensuring that each team member and machine has a place and a purpose. Created in an assembly line fashion, the steel is delivered to our inventory yard and enters the shop from the West doors, going directly into our Shot Blast Machine to be cleaned. Norak has thirteen overhead cranes, each designated to a specific section of the shop. This ensures the steel we are working with does not have to wait to proceed to the next step in its fabrication. All welding torches are on booms that extend from the walls so that time is not wasted. When they are not required, they are simply folded in, transforming the working space. Finally, once our steel is fitted, painted and labeled, it exits the East doors and is carefully loaded onto a trailer, which our driver picks up and delivers to you.

The shop at Norak Steel Construction Ltd is capable of 1000 man hours per week.