Green Initiatives

Norak Steel recognizes its responsibility to do its part in preserving the earth for future generations, which begins with the choice to work with steel over other building materials.

Much of the steel we purchase is made of up to 95% recycled materials. These involve leftover scraps from our shop and scrap metal from items such as recycled vehicles that otherwise pollute the earth. We enjoy playing a role in contributing to a sustainable plan for our solid and practical material by putting recycled steel into structures that will last many lifetimes.

At Norak, we have a policy to only send large trailers that are packed fully with our steel. If an issue arises where a site requires smaller pieces, we will often deliver them to the site in a smaller vehicle such as a company pick-up truck, avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption. This way we keep our emissions levels low, lessening our impact on the environment.

Norak Steel also has excellent technology in our shop with up-to-date CNC machinery (software equipped), to ensure that the smallest number of errors happen on our shop floor, and your steel is cut precisely to plan. Every unused piece of scrap steel and drops of steel are collected in a specific container and, once full, are recycled with the Mill to ensure zero waste and zero percent to landfill site, keeping our carbon footprint low.

There are many misconceptions regarding steel and its environmental cleanliness. It is a recyclable material that lasts longer than many of its competitors. Steel can also withstand many extreme elements, providing an even longer life for those who choose to use it, and less of a clean-up should any disaster strike.

The Advantage of Steel

When most people think of steel, they picture industrial refineries melting down hot scrap metal, instantly categorizing it in their minds as dirty. It can be a costly misconception to have when designing a building, not to mention recycled steel lasts a lifetime. It is one of the strongest materials known to man and when designed properly, can withstand many elements that other materials cannot.

In order to produce steel, Mills use an Electric Arc Furnace to melt down used metal. The recycled content can range from 80% to 95%.  There are two types of recycled materials involved with the recycling of steel. On top of this, more than 90% of steel in construction can be reused.

Post-Consumer Recycled Content - such as scrap metal from cars and other products that have been used by the consumer.

Pre-Consumer Recycled Content - material that is recycled before it has been used by the consumer, and is something Norak plays a first-hand role in. We recycle any scrap and drops of steel that cannot be used for the post-consumer and send them back to the Mill to be melted down into more material.

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Norak Steel is dedicated to doing our part for the environment. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to achieve their LEED Certification, whether it be Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. As price is also a factor, the fine balancing act of melding the two together can be extremely difficult. Our Purchasing Manager and team of professionals do their very best to ensure the steel meets requirements by keeping communication open with the Mills and conveying environmental expectations from the beginning. Wherever possible, we use rail over trucks and we are constantly updating our research on LEED requirements to better suit your needs.